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The majority of Martin Engineering's clients are contractors. We are the structural engineering firm that excels at providing practical, timely and economical solutions to contractors. Our interaction with contractors almost always takes place on their job site so that we can fully understand the entire breadth of the issues they need solutions for.

Our design philosophy is practicality and ease of construction. Our construction plans are streamlined to provide enough information for the contractor to build the project with a minimum of ambiguity. We strive to design our projects with materials that are readily available in Alaska. Martin Engineering believes that simple plans that are easy to build will result in the lowest construction price possible while achieving a finished product that meets the owners needs and requirements.

Martin Engineering provides excellent customer service to clients by meeting on-site with contractors to discuss construction issues or provide changes to the original plans based on unforeseen issues.

Martin Engineering believes it is vital to work with the contractor as part of a team to resolve construction issues in a timely manner an keep the project on time and under budget.

About Martin Engineering...

Mark M. Martin, P.E., S.E.