Structural Engineering Services

Anyone can design a project that costs two dollars to build. An engineer can figure out how to build that project for a dollar.

Martin Engineering Provides the Following Services to Clients:

* Project Site Structural Engineering - We help the contractor figure out how to move large pieces of equipment, set up temporary structures to facilitate construction and verify structural adequacy of proposed construction plan modifications

* Structural Engineering Plans for new construction and additions/renovations - Development of construction plans for structural portions of projects.  The structural design includes the considertation of all applicable Gravity/Seismic/Wind loads for that particular location.

* Delegated Design of Seismic Bracing Systems - Design of Seismic Bracing Details for mechanical/electrical/architectural systems for new construction as well as remodels or retrofits of exiting buildings.

* Structural Review of Manufacture's Equipment Anchoring designs - We review equipment manufacturer's anchoring design to ensure they meet the structural requirements for all locations in the state of Alaska.

* Pre-Engineered Building Foundations - Pre-Engineered Metal Building manufacturer's provide a steel framing package for their building, but not the concrete foundation design.  Martin Engineering designs the concrete foundations for pre-engineered metal buildings base on the manufacturer's building loads.

* Structural Engineering Delegated Design - We provide structural engineering support to contractors who are responsible for the design and construction of non-structural elements of the building that are not included in the plans.  Examples of these items are stairs, elevated walk ways and mezzanines, pipe racks and equipment supports.

* Structural Evaluation of Existing Buildings

* Independent, on-site structural inspections during construction

* Structural Troubleshooting for Residential Buildings - We can evaluate and provide structural recommendations for cracked foundations, unstable foundations, removal of bearing walls and structural upgrades to existing houses.  We can also provide a complete set of structural plans for building new homes.